Christine Retzer Photography


Pricing depends on how many looks you would like.

Adult Headshots:
1-2 looks: $200.00
Includes up to two changes of clothing (or two “looks”) and disc.

3-4 looks: $280.00
Includes up to four changes of clothing (or four “looks”) and disc.

5-6 looks: $360.00
Includes up to six changes of clothing (or six “looks”) and disc.

Kids headshots are $175.00

*Payment is due at the time of the shoot. At this time, I only accept cash or a check made payable to Christine Retzer.

*Re-shoots are available only if there is nothing for you to use and is at the photographer’s discretion.

For All Other Photographic Services

Pricing is negotiable according to the type of work that will be needed for each job. For questions, contact Christine at:

E-mail: or
Call: 818.448.1015