Christine Retzer Photography

Shooting conditions

I generally shoot in natural light ( outside ). Natural light is extremely flattering, but Mother Nature can be temperamental, so if it rains on a shoot day, the session will need to be re-scheduled. I like to keep the atmosphere relaxed (in order for you look and feel your best), so I’ll take the time necessary to get the shots needed.


Make-up generally does not need to be as heavy as it does for studio lighting. Depending on your desired looks, you may or may not need to hire a make-up artist. It may be a good idea though to at least have some foundation and facial powder on hand.


Clothing in general: I always say, “go ahead and bring a couple different choices for a look if you’re not sure”. I’m happy to give my photographic and personal opinion. It’s always better to have an alternate just in case. It is best to stick to solid colors. White can be tricky depending on your skin tone, it may pale you out. Black can be nice, but it is very dramatic. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use them, but please keep that in mind when making your choices. Bold, bright colors are best, and remember to stay away from patterns and logos.

Including your representation

On agents and managers: If you have an agent or a manager, be sure to discuss with them what they are looking for in your pictures and let me know. It’s good to know if they want a certain “look” or “looks” for you and/or maybe if they prefer a certain type of shooting style (ie: close-up, three-quarter shots, funky style, sidewayz, etc.) It is best to coordinate this with them ahead of time, so that you both can be happy with your pictures and you can give them the tools they need to fully represent you.

If there are questions or you would like more information, please contact Christine at:

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